Construct & triage cases objectively, accurately, and fast

Combine your methodology and TIQK technology to triage financial advice cases faster than you ever thought possible.

Our modular approach provides the flexibility to augment your team and service providers at any stage of the remediation process.

Case Construction

Not every file in a case is relevant to the scope of a remediation project.

Draft and unsigned copies add to the clutter. Files might be incorrectly named, labelled, dated, or classified.

In Case Construction, TIQK’s smart algorithms save time and effort by classifying and selecting only the instances of advice and related material to include in reviews.

How it works

During Case Construction, case files are securely uploaded to TIQK in bulk from your physical devices, cloud drives, and eDiscovery platforms.

TIQK automatically analyses the content of every file to classify, date, and select only the instances of advice and related material to send on to the review stage.

Historical file support

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is available for scanned documents and images that haven’t been converted to digital text.

Our advanced OCR technology can reliably handle poor-quality scans as well as legible handwriting, checklists, forms, and signatures.

OCR information is automatically validated, with any potential issues flagged for human review.

Automated, targeted assessments

Our risk and compliance experts work with your team to design automated case reviews that match the remediation scope and methodology.

Scenario-specific tests automatically analyse and cross-reference data from relevant case files in just seconds to form a view of the Key Risk Indicators in every case.

TIQK analysts continuously review and verify the accuracy of all test results, delivering QA reports throughout the project.

Visualise, triage, and respond

Visualise and triage risk in powerful, user-friendly Microsoft PowerBI Online dashboards that are tailored to the scope and review team.

Drill-down into flagged case files that require further review, and export data to Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Teams and PDF for sharing and further analysis.

Secure by design

Case files and remediation data remain on-shore and encrypted at all times, protected by multiple security technologies and secure engineering practices.

We understand that your Custom Business Rules and A.I. models are private. TIQK never shares or merges them with any other client.

This means your data and intellectual property are always protected, and your case reviews are always accurate.

For organisations with extended security protocols we offer the option of isolated cloud data storage and processing.

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