Automatic risk reviews for advice generation platforms

Deliver an end-to-end solution to your users with integrated risk and compliance assessments

We take care of the review technology, so that you can focus on a great user experience

TIQK is the industry’s most advanced risk and compliance assessment technology for advice files and data sources.

Using the secure and modern TIQK Developer API, your advice generation platform can tap into our pre-built library of regulatory and business KRI tests to automatically assess advice documents, as they are generated:

  • Add risk indicators to your platform’s dashboard’s and reports,
  • Trigger approval workflows based on review results,
  • Automatically download PDF copies of review results for archive in your CRM,
  • and much more.

The power to adapt to your platform's standards

Out-of-the-box TIQK reviews essential legislative, regulatory, and best practice risk indicators.

However we understand that our integration partners want to include their own standards, practices, and methodologies.

That’s why we offer two powerful ways to extend TIQK reviews:

Our analysts work with you to quickly design, test, and deploy Custom Business Rules that run automatically with every file review.

And with TIQK A.I. we help you automate even more with custom artificial intelligence reviews modelled on your expert methodologies. If you have in-house data scientists we can even use their pre-trained A.I. models.

A straightforward, cost-effective integration

TIQK’s high-performance cloud platform and modern API will get you up and running fast – without the cost of building and maintaining infrastructure.

We’ve made it easy for your developers to get started – with support before, during and after implementation.

We’re ready with the technical, sales, and marketing documentation you need, and our teams are on-hand to assist during and after integration.

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Secure by design

Your users’ files and data remain on-shore and encrypted at all times, protected by multiple security technologies and secure engineering practices.

We understand that your Custom Business Rules and A.I. models are private. TIQK never shares or merges them with any other client.

This means your data and intellectual property are always protected, and your advice reviews are always accurate.

For organisations with extended security protocols we offer the option of isolated cloud data storage and processing.

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