Online services

Pre-vet & advice review

Designed for compliance teams, para-planners, and financial advisers, our easy-to-use web app quickly identifies risk and provides objective feedback on written advice, as it is produced.

TIQK audits are fast and comprehensive. They review all relevant legislation, regulations, and ASIC Regulatory Guides including: RG 90, RG 175, RG 244, REP 515, REP 562, and the Corporations Act s912, s923, s947, s961.

Our Customer Success team are there with you for on-boarding, education, and change management to have you reviewing advice in a matter of weeks.

Managed services

Investigation, remediation & due diligence reports

Produced by expert compliance analysts, our cost-effective and objective reports highlight the macro and micro risks in an organisation’s historic advice book during due diligence, investigation, and remediation projects.

Reviews can cater to one adviser’s output, or a whole company’s advice record over many years.

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Platform integrations

Advice generation, CRM, and workflow

Through its modern and open API, TIQK adds seamless compliance and risk analysis capabilities to your existing systems and data.