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Financial planning: pre-vet & advice reviews

TIQK automatically and accurately identifies risk in written financial advice.

It delivers objective feedback to compliance teams, para planners, and financial advisers as advice is produced.

In just seconds, every file is reviewed for up to 1400 essential legislative, regulatory, and Best Interest Duty obligations. And it’s easy to add your own business policies and tests.

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Financial planning investigation, remediation & due diligence reports

Produced by expert compliance analysts, our cost-effective and objective reports highlight the macro and micro risks in an organisation’s historic advice book during due diligence, investigation, and remediation projects.

Reviews can cater to one adviser’s output, or a whole company’s advice record over many years.

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Advice generation, CRM, and workflow

With a modern and open API TIQK powers seamless, fully-automated compliance and risk monitoring capabilities in existing systems, data, apps, and workflows.

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