In a matter of seconds and at a fraction of the cost of the current compliance approach, TIQK delivers insights that were previously thought impossible.

TIQK Audit Workflow

Zero-touch intelligent auditing

We believe that smart technology doesn’t have to be hard to use.

So we designed TIQK to take the effort out of auditing Statement of Advice (SoA) files.

Just drag-and-drop MS Word DOCX and PDF files into the responsive web app.

In seconds TIQK determines the date of the advice, identifies the Financial Adviser, and completes the audit.

TIQK upload and audit files

The industry’s first automated test for Best Interest Duty in SoAs

TIQK analyses every Statement of Advice for evidence that the adviser has sufficiently acted in the client’s best interest. Where the adviser has failed to provide evidence, we identify the risk of not meeting the Best Interest Duty.

TIQK analyses more than 150 Best Interest -specific attributes in every file audit, following the Australian Securities and Investments Commission’s (ASIC) guidance on meeting Safe Harbour thresholds and the Australian Corporations Act.

Combining accurate audit result datasets with cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques, TIQK can even flag hard-to-detect issues like financial advisers who provide so-called “cookie-cutter” advice to multiple clients.

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To help you focus on what’s important TIQK categorises Best Interest Duty issues by risk level
Flagged issues include a plain-English reasoning
Using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, TIQK can even flag hard-to-detect issues like “cookie-cutter” advice across an adviser’s files

Essential regulatory checklist

The Regulatory Risk Rating is a weighted score that provides an at-a-glance measure of the level of assessed regulatory risk in the file
TIQK will intelligently audit only those legislative, regulatory, and Regulatory Guide attributes that are relevant to each SoA
To help prioritise review effort, regulatory audit results are organised into the categories familiar to compliance experts, each with graphical “sparkline” charts that show compliance status at-a-glance
Every Non-Compliant, Advice, or Unknown result in the audit report includes a plain-English reasoning for the result, as well as the legislation, regulations, and Regulatory Guide documents and clauses relevant to the analysis of that result.
Add comments to specific results to flag for follow up or discussion. Comments are only visible within your organisation.
TIQK intelligently detects both the financial adviser and the date of the advice presented in the SoA file, to ensure that the correct legislative and regulatory analysis is performed
Download the original SoA file for review, or save a copy of the audit report as a PDF that can be shared or attached to your client records

Using natural language analysis TIQK considers the advice provided in, and the date of, each SoA to assess up to 400 essential regulatory attributes based on Commonwealth legislation, regulations and Regulatory Guides.

The categorised audit report makes it easy to focus on risks, and includes includes important information such as the justification for each result and legal obligation traceability.

And it’s easy to export the report to attach to a client record or to print and share.

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Insights, not data

The TIQK Dashboard provides a top-level view of your organisation’s risk exposure and trends for any date range:

  • Regulatory Risk Rating trends
  • Audit volumes
  • Overall regulatory status breakdown (compliant, non-compliant, potential issue, and advice)
  • Regulatory Risk matrix / category heatmap
  • Financial Adviser risk exposure
  • Highest risk files
  • Highest risk regulatory attributes

Dive deeper into selected visualisations to explore the underlying data, and export to CSV for additional analysis.

TIQK Dashboard tiles

Integrate, don’t replace

TIQK Developer API usage

We created a powerful Developer API and detailed documentation that your developers can use to integrate TIQK into line-of-business systems, workflows, and even custom apps.

For analysts who require more than our Dashboard we offer sample code in our GitHub repository to integrate live TIQK data into popular business intelligence apps like Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Excel with PowerQuery, and Tableau.

Professional team management

Organise and protect your client audit data with fine-grained and secure user account management.

Create isolated team folders and invite users into your TIQK account, each with specific access levels and permissions.

You can even bulk import Financial Adviser accounts with limited permissions, enabling them to proactively audit their own SoAs.

TIQK user account management

Secure by design

TIQK Security and logos

Your trust is important and our security is constantly maintained, enhanced, and verified.

Your data remains secure in Australian-resident data centres at all times. We employ a wide variety of security mechanisms plus independent security tests and reviews, and use market-leading, respected services like Zuora and Stripe to secure sensitive payments and billing information.

We also offer SMS and code-generator based Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) powered by leading security provider Authy for additional end user account protection against hackers and account takeovers.

A complete overview of our data and security practices is available in our Security Datasheet.

An agile platform that’s always up-to-date

We typically release new features and improvements fortnightly: stay up to date with our release notes.

Learn more and discover tips and tricks in the searchable TIQK Knowledge Base.

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