Financial planning pre-vet & advice reviews

Features & benefits

Smart regulatory reviews

Drag-and-drop Statement of Advice (SOA) and Record of Advice (ROA) files — and in just seconds TIQK completes a review of up to 1,200 legislative and regulatory tests relevant to when the advice was produced.

And it’s easy to add your own policy tests.

Advice & Best Interest risks

TIQK tests every file for evidence that the financial adviser has acted in their client’s best interest. Potential issues are clearly explained to make it easy to focus on the risks.

It can even flag hard-to-detect issues like “cookie-cutter” advice — something challenging to do at-scale with human experts alone.

Iress Xplan integration

iress Xplan™️ integration

For organisations that operate on Iress Xplan, our single-click integration enables powerful custom file reviews that assess alignment between Fact Find data, and the advice files produced by advisers.

Collaborative reviews

With inline comments and the ability to request and approve amendments to results, TIQK makes it simple for financial advisers and compliance teams to collaborate during a file review.

Requests to amend file review outcomes can be submitted to a panel of internal reviewers that you nominate.

And for larger businesses you can delegate review requests to the Team Manager responsible for a group of Advisers.

TIQK Dashboard

Advice analytics and KRIs

TIQK captures detailed data from every file reviewed, and the built-in Dashboard provides quick, easy access to a top-level view of your risk exposure and trends.

And for those businesses that need a deeper visualisation of advice insights we offer TIQK Analytics, the modern analytics service for risk and compliance teams.

Enterprise-ready security and control

Create teams and invite users with fine-grained user permissions to organise and protect your data. 

Our security is constantly maintained, enhanced, and verified, and we employ a wide variety of security mechanisms and conduct independent security tests and reviews.

Importantly, your data remains private to your organisation and secure in Australian data centres operated by the leading cloud infrastructure providers.

TIQK Data and Security datasheet

Integrate, don't replace

Our Developer API makes it possible to securely integrate TIQK capabilities into business workflows, systems, apps, and dashboards.

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