TIQK Analytics

A modern oversight solution designed for risk and compliance teams.

The powerful and intuitive dashboards in TIQK Analytics makes it easy to visualise the risks, trends, and customer demographics uncovered from every financial advice file review across your business.

Visualise key risk indicators and trends

Profile business activity, the advice provided, and client characteristics. Measure how well advice follows controls and agreed disclosures, and validate or flag advice that is disclosed well – or poorly.

Explore adviser profiles

Dive deep into adviser compliance and risk indicators; their clients’ demographics; files under review;  and their ASIC regulatory profile information.

Streamline your stakeholder reporting

It’s easy to share TIQK Analytics visualisations directly to Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams, and PDF. Or export the underlying data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis and charting.

Stay on-top with data-driven alerts

Configure TIQK Analytics to send you notifications when key risk indicators in your business change beyond pre-set limits.

Intuitive and powerful

TIQK Analytics is powered by Microsoft PowerBI Online.

That means it confidently scales to even the highest advice data volumes, and the secure and simple onboarding will have your team up-and-running fast.

Secure by design

Your data remains on-shore and encrypted at all times, protected by multiple security technologies and secure engineering practices.

TIQK Analytics offers the ease and security of Microsoft Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO) for clients already using Office365/Microsoft365 cloud services.

And for organisations with extended security protocols we offer the option of isolated cloud data storage and processing.

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