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Introducing TIQK AI: The power to adapt to your standards

By 17 June 2021May 10th, 2022Announcements, Product Updates, Technology

Our clients know that out-of-the-box TIQK reviews the essential legislative, regulatory, and best practice risk indicators in every advice file.

It does this automatically using an advanced combination of Expert System Rules and Artificial Intelligence features.

But we know our clients sometimes want to add their own policies and review methodologies. That’s why we offer two great ways to adapt and extend TIQK to their standards.

First, our analysts work with advisers, paraplanners, and risk and compliance teams to rapidly design and roll-out Custom Business Rules that run automatically during every file review.

And today we’re introducing TIQK A.I. – an advanced solution to help automate even more of the advice review.

How it works

TIQK A.I. is an advanced toolkit that allows our analysts to collaborate with your experts to rapidly design, train, test, and deploy custom Machine Learning models into the TIQK platform.

These are used to automate even more of the advice review process, by intelligently incorporating your methodologies and human expertise into the TIQK platform.

It’s perfect for those types of assessments where “hard-and-fast” rules may not be the most suitable approach – for example checking whether a client’s objectives are clear. Or where your standards for classifying an objective as “clear” differs to those in other organisations.

And if you have an in-house data scientist, we can even deploy machine learning models that they’ve trained in environments like Azure Machine Learning, AWS SageMaker, and Google TensorFlow.

Secure by design

Your Custom Business Rules and Artificial Intelligence models are private. TIQK never shares or merges them with those of any other client.

This means your data and intellectual property are always protected, and your advice reviews are always accurate.

Learn more about how TIQK is secure by design

The power to adapt to you

TIQK A.I. will be available to clients shortly.

Our Customer Success Team are ready to help you learn more about how we can incorporate your business standards and methodologies into every TIQK file review using Custom Business Rules and TIQK A.I.