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Not the result you were expecting?

By 3 February 2020June 16th, 2021Announcements, Product Updates

We’re making it simpler for financial advisers and compliance teams to collaborate during a file review

Today we’re previewing a new feature that makes it simple for your team to amend an automated assessment made by TIQK, without sacrificing control.

How it works

Consider this example where TIQK has identified a potential issue in an SoA related to Centrelink Age Pension risks and benefits:

In this case the Financial Adviser believes the assessment is incorrect. While they discussed the pension with their client, it was a recommendation to update their financial details with Centrelink to avoid the risk of overpayment.

The Financial Adviser requests that this result be amended from “Not Demonstrated” to “Demonstrated” — and includes supporting information:

While a submitted request is pending review it can be modified or deleted by the person who raised it:

Nominated Reviewers in your organisation receive an email notification with a direct link to the request. They log-in to TIQK to review the request in context:

Based on the Financial Adviser’s note the Reviewer accepts the proposed amendment, and adds a comment. The result is automatically updated from “Not Demonstrated” to “Demonstrated”, the change is logged, and the Financial Planner is notified of the outcome by email:

If a Reviewer declines a requested amendment, the result remains unchanged and the outcome is also logged:

Benefits for others involved in producing advice

We’ve also made it easy for your nominated Reviewers to instantly amend any file review result at any time:

So if you’re a paraplanner that produces advice on behalf of an adviser, or if you pre-vet advice, you can take advantage of Amendments in exactly the same way. Talk to us about today how you can build this in to your current workflow practices.

Coming soon

Amendments are a great new feature that makes it simple for your team to amend an automated assessment made by TIQK. It lets your experts control any proposed changes and keeps a full audit trail of the activity in a file review.

We plan to release this feature to all clients in February 2020. As ever, we’d love to know what you think of it and we’re always listening to your feedback.