TIQK announces new CEO and Product

TIQK, Australia’s leading financial advice monitoring technology, today announced their new CEO. Steve Brown has been promoted from Head of Sales to CEO in replacement of Steve Thomson.

Steve Brown has been leading teams for over 10 years while specialising in B2B digital solutions.

Brown said, “I’m elated to be able to lead the talented team at TIQK into our next phase of growth.  Our product is so unique because it delivers the timely and cost-efficient monitoring that the industry has been searching for”.

He went on to say, “Our customers are benefitting from the real time objective monitoring we deliver via our Pre-Vet product. They can quickly remedy potential compliance and quality issues prior to the advice going to the customer.  It’s a win, win, win as the advisers, who have been asking for guidance, can now give higher quality advice to the benefit of the themselves, the licensee and the customer”.

“The financial advice industry has relied upon checking a small sample of advice retrospectively.  This approach has left gaps in quality control and ultimately disadvantaged customers through an erosion of trust.” He continued;  “Trusted technology can now inexpensively deliver a review of every single statement of advice so that the compliance process is without gaps.”

In addition to Brown’s appointment, TIQK has announced today the launch of their Remediation product.  For the first time, licensees can use simple technology to review thousands of SoAs against a specific set of rules to identify compliance issues.  This product is driven by the same immense auditing capability as TIQK Pre-Vet.  Licensee’s now have an option to choose a highly expensive remediation process or deploy technology to identify issues within days.


About TIQK

TIQK is a SaaS RegTech solution that augments an organisation’s compliance experts with objective, intelligent technology to review every piece of advice generated.  Combining expert compliance analytics, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence, TIQK audits more than 600 data points in a typical SoA in just seconds for regulatory compliance and best interest duty.

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