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Shiny toys you can’t play with

By 13 February 2019June 16th, 2021Opinion

As a technology company you often meet prospects who are interested in the next “shiny thing” in the technology space.  You then go in and demonstrate what the technology can do, the prospect gets excited at how the solution solves a number of problems for them, NDA’s get signed, pilots get run and evaluated, and both parties gear up for a productive partnership.

Then reality kicks in.

And to Sarah Penn’s point in her article below, the prospect is in love with the idea of the shiny new piece of tech they have agreed to buy, but they have been blinded to the fact that it will be wasted if they can’t fully implement the solution.  The cold, hard reality of the change management involved hasn’t been considered or if it has, it hasn’t sunk in yet.  When it does, everything stops and a mad scramble to reengineer processes to fit the technology occurs.

Taking the change management requirements into account upfront will ensure a smooth implementation of new technology, and ensure that the spend is maximised.  Unless you keep this in mind, as Sarah says, you’re not ready to buy new tech yet!

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