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TIQK automatically assesses risk in written financial advice. We augment your existing processes to reduce the risk of poor advice reaching the client, freeing your experts to focus on quality improvement.

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20 July 2020

Modern analytics for risk and compliance teams

Introducing TIQK Analytics: a unique and powerful solution to improve oversight and manage risk in financial advice

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18 June 2020

Ongoing advice hygiene is key to good standards during COVID-19

A time of crisis for clients; an opportunity for Advisers to demonstrate their value in being the professional fighting for them.

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25 February 2020

Highlighting signals in the noise

We’re making it easier for risk and compliance teams to focus on what’s most important in file reviews

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3 February 2020

Not the result you were expecting?

We’re making it simpler for financial advisers and compliance teams to collaborate during a file review.

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